Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Life Needs A Reboot

There has been a negative change of events lately. I have slowed watched myself drift into an uncaring,lackadaisical existence. Previously,I was focused on many changes in life but something shifted. The focus has become less laser and more lazy. I am not focused at work or home life. I am just meandering through my every day with no real results. Productivity has dropped and motivation has come to a halt. It’s like someone with bad eyesight removing their corrective eyewear and seeing nothing but blurred lines and objects.

Myopic living.

It is the strangest feeling when you recognize that you are not doing the right thing but do nothing to change. I can cheer others on all day long. Hold them accountable for their actions and tasks but lapse ion myself. I am my own laziest fan. Ha!

I can’t live like this. I won’t move forward. I will become stagnant in a life that I don’t want to have but care so little to change. I have faced problems like this before and have had temporary success and then lapse back into my sloth-like behavior. One of my biggest obstacles is my inability to follow through. I can start a project or idea with overflowing passion and,soon after,it fizzles out. It dissipates. Just evaporates. Then I move on to the next great idea. It’s frustrating. Who knows how many wonderful ideas I could have completed with some follow through?

Come on. This is me. At least two of them would have been successes. Just saying…

So how do I change this lifelong behavior? How do I restart now that I have recognized this problem?What changes can be made to hold myself accountable for everyday accomplishments and completed tasks?

Still working that part out.

To be continued…

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