Sunday, July 19, 2009

An Introduction

Good Day All:

It is last! Life Straight Up With A Twist!

I have been blogging for years to a limited audience but now, my hope, is to reach more people. Not that I have life-changing, moving revolutionary thoughts and ideas. Believe me, the world will not gain peace from my blogs. However, I am here to entertain, bring some funnies into your lives, maybe a few LoL's and possibly make you laugh so hard, you either snort or let one go. (I will try to limit those. :) )

Now for the warnings...
1. I am very sarcastic! Some people find that offensive... and people like that I find to be idiots.

2. I curse! Deal with it or move on!

3. I make lots of cultural references: movies, TV shows, music, theatre, literature, etc... Education required! Don't be embarrassed if you have to look something up. Take the time to do so. You may learn something.

4. Speaking of education, I DO NOT plan to "dumb down" anything. Not that you will need a Master's to read my blogs, however, I am not writing to a 3rd grade level. Really?? Who does that??

5. I have a tendency to be long-winded. Just continue to follow what seems to be randomness and ramblings to their final and worthwhile end. (See... that wasn't too bad, was it?)

Hmmm... I think that is it. I will be posting some older blogs on here (some of my favorites) but also plenty to fresh items.

Think you can handle this?


On with the show!

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