Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Ode to Milton Bradley (and Hasbro)...Lol

**I may add more to this but I had to put this up. I am in a silly mood. Sorry if this sucks, lol.**

If you main OPERATION
Is to get into my CANDYLAND,
Then believe me,
SORRY boo, get a CLUE.
The man that has a MONOPOLY
Of my heart
Is my idea of PERFECTION.
He'll be the one to
BOGGLE my mind and SCRABBLE my senses.
I'd gladly get caught in his MOUSETRAP
Or even let his TWISTER of love
Completely sink my BATTLESHIP.
In love, you have to take that RISK
to CONNECT 4-ever to the one that
Excites you like those CHUTES AND LADDERS
Days of childhood.
In your search for your UNO
It's always worth the TROUBLE.


  1. The newness of this piece is refreshing. the special phrase of CANDYLAND is creative, funny and a social truth.No reason to be doubtful about this poetry. It's a good read.

  2. Nice to have another poetry site.At this time I sit around, retired from a very creative design position. Reading was being a daily habit, then I found T.S.Eliot and I've been learning to write poetry on my own.I think I love it.Eliot's word play made me stand up to attention,being so very new to my mind.What a professional.

  3. Last month, I watched Hubble telescope photos of galaxies. I didn't know photos like this existed.It's childlike to say but I loved the feeling they gave me.I thought I should never distract my mind again with the daily rubble, why would I want to when there is a heaven with thousands and thousands of suns like ours. Anxieties do not matter, do they.Imagine, on a higher level, Louis I said to myself.My mind felt a pure thought, finally, to the wonder.of it all, with out the defilements that do gather.

  4. To write, and design with word is very similar to designing in textiles and geometric shapes as I did earlier. The presentation of ideas is exciting to my personality in not taking anything too seriously and saying all will work out eventually.Those that travel with me feel insecure with my attitude. They don't know all that is needed is to believe. Nothing works if you don't. There is a thread that runs from the task to your mind.Hard to take but none the less true.All gets better.The future is in the atoms.

  5. i agree with lprofeta, writing is like creation, painting on the canvas with astute brushes.

    you highlighted important facets of life =)

    also read my blog